I’ve been an independent consultant for 22 years helping clients gather information and develop strategy for the development and deployment of agricultural technologies.  Clients have included large multi-nationals, medium sized companies, small start-ups, venture capitalists, and grower organizations.

Project categories have included technology scouting, research program advice, participation in brainstorming events, estimates of created value, competitive assessments, expert interviews, value chain characterization, and public communication strategy. 

Topics of focus have included biological controls, crop protection tools, microbiome modification, biotechnology, post-harvest technologies, biofuels, and agricultural sustainability.  Although I function as an independent consultant, I work with a wide network of other independent experts and with consulting groups such as the Context Network, and Cirrus Partners.

I am flexible to work either on a single project basis or under a longer-term, retainer arrangement.  I am extremely careful to protect proprietary and confidential information and to avoid conflicts of interest.  Although my consulting work informs my overall picture of modern agriculture, I do not disclose client information in my writing or speaking roles.

Contact me if you are interested in talking about a consulting project.
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