Available Speaking Topics

Sustainable Agriculture

What kind of farming is truly sustainable and resilient in the last decades of human population growth and in an age of climate change?

The Safety of the Food Supply

Should you be worried about pesticide residues or GMOs? What about organic? What is good about organic farming and what are its limitations? Who can you trust about food in the clamor of the internet age?  

Food Stories

 Many people think food was little changed until recent decades.  In fact innovation and change has been at the heart of farming and food all through human history.  There are fascinating "food stories" behind most of the foods we enjoy today.

Social License in Agriculture

What is social license, and is the agriculture at risk of losing that "freedom to operate?"

The History and Future of Biotech crops (“GMOs”)

History of the technology and the people behind it, what "GMOs" are and how they work, safety and regulation, who actually "controls the food supply," labeling issues, questions about the seed industry and thoughts about the future

The Story of Modern Pest Management in Ag

Few consumers have a perspective on the realities of pests in agriculture or on how much pest management methods have changed, including but not limited to far safer pesticides.  Many of the voices saying otherwise are selling something

Industrial Farming

Is farming today actually "big," "industrial," or "chemical?"  Some perspective on the real people who make up the <2% of the rich world population and who feed the rest of us

What Direction Do We Want Farming To Go?

We would all like to see progress towards "triple best farming" - approaches that are best for us, best for the environment, and best economically for both consumers and farmers.  What are the roles of sustainability metrics, technology, organic, climate change, land ownership and other issues in pursuit of those ideals?

Nutrition and Food Safety

Which foods are good or bad for us? What are the real threats? How can consumers sort through the mixed messages?  Does it really make sense to buy so much of our food for what it isn’t rather than what it is?  What is and isn’t actually “natural?”   

Feeding the World

How did we meet the previous food challenge (1960-2010), what do we need to do to meet the next food challenge (2010-2060), what are the biggest challenges? The biggest unknowns?


Is this a practical source of energy?  Is it a good idea or not?  What about the question of food vs fuel?

Example Speaking Engagements

The Future of Agriculture: Challenges, Threats Barriers and Opportunities - Plenary session of the Bannf Pork Seminar, January 2018

The Role of Modern Science in Growing A Sustainable Agriculture Industry - Plenary session of the Our Food Our Future even in Jt. Johns, Newfoundland, November 2016

What Role Will Biotechnology Play in the Produce Sector - Produce Marketing Association Tech Knowledge Symposium, Santa Clara, CA, May 2016

Myths and Misconceptions of the Modern Food Supply: GMOs, Pesticides & Agriculture - New Jersey Environmental Health Association, March 2016

What is Sustainable Farming (Really) - Ontario Certified Crop Advisor Association, January 2016

"Does Science Belong on My Plate" - Ontario Home Economist Association Conference 2015

"Social License in Agriculture" - Grain Farmers of Ontario 2015 and for Alberta Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development 2015

"GM Foods: What's the Real Story", Nutrition File, a nutrition professional training event sponsored by Alberta Milk

"Navigating Food Industry Marketing Trends" - Agricultural Service Board Conference, Edmonton, Alberta 2015

"The Science, History and Future of Biotech Crops" - British Columbia Dairy Farmers Association, 12-3-14

"The Evolving State of Misinformation & Public Perceptions in Agriculture" - British Columbia Council of Marketing Boards, 11-21-14

"Global Market Trends for Plant Biotechnology" - Keynote for the North Carolina Biotech Summit, 11-19-14

"An International Perspective on Agricultural Communication Strategies" - opening keynote for Western Canada Ag Communicators Workshop, Saskatoon 10-9-14

"Navigating the Unique Aspects of the 21st Century Global Food Challenge" - closing keynote for the Ag Innovations Showcase, St. Louis 9-10-14

“Will we meet the global food challenge of the 21st century?” –Nutrition File Seminar 2014 for nutrition professionals in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta

“Talking About Pesticides and Biotech Crops.”  –Washington Friends of Farms and Forests, Member Training, October 2013

“Can The Systemic Barriers to Sustainable Farming Be Addressed?”  –Ag 2.0 Global Investments, Toronto 2011

“Explaining Pesticides Issues to a Skeptical Public”  –Washington State Weed Association: Weed Conference, Yakima

“Putting Pesticides in Perspective”  –37th Annual Joint Tomato Conference

Pesticides, Sustainability, Stewardship and Consumer Perception” –Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Convention"

“How biotechnology can enable agriculture to mitigate climate change”  –New Phytologist Symposium – Timberline Lodge, Mount Hood, OR

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