Steve was one of the best, most popular speakers we have ever had at our Symposium. He took a complex topic- the history and impact of agricultural diseases- and made it accessible and interesting to our audience. It’s rare that a qualified scientist has such great communication and storytelling skills as Steve does, which makes him a unique and compelling speaker.

– Peter Giuliano, Senior Director of Symposium for the Specialty Coffee Association of America

Steve is so effective at explaining the science of farming and agriculture — and giving perspective on the issues. I have often pointed urban friends of mine to his blog posts. They are glad to find a comprehensible, science-based explanation of the ag issues that they generally only hear about through the activist or media lens.

The talks I’ve heard Steve do are interesting, informative, and thought-provoking with real content (not fluff and filler, like some talks I’ve sat through!).

– Janice LeBoeuf, Vegetable Crop Specialist Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Ministry of Rural Affairs Ridgetown, Ontario

We really enjoyed working with Steve on a brainstorming session about the future of agriculture for Generation Investment Management LLP (a long term-focused investment fund chaired by VP Gore).

At our request Steve assembled a world-class group of experts and then facilitated a far-ranging, full day exchange on this important topic. The participants in the room and those video-linked from several locations found it to be a valuable and stimulating experience and Steve was skilled at teasing out key insights and takeaways.

– Lila Preston and Nicholas Kukrika

As one of our participants said... ‘Steve Savage was fantastic—I could listen to him all day.’

– Colinda Hunter, Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Educator

Steve Savage makes things clear. He has an impressive science background, his blog is the go-to site for accurate summation of the latest government reports, he doesn’t talk down to his audience, and he is trusted by folks on every side of the food and farm debate – from Big Ag to Al Gore.

I admire Steve’s professionalism, I turn to him for advice and information on a regular basis, and I never miss a chance to learn from his perspective.

– Robert Paarlberg Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, Wellesley College and the Harvard Kennedy School. Author of Starved for Science, and Food Politics.

I have had the distinct honor of sharing the podium with Dr. Steve Savage at a Nutrition conference in Alberta, Canada and have been referencing his work for a number of years.

Savage has a knack for taking complex concepts and data and communicating them in consumable ways. He can convey a story and can demystify the science of food and agriculture production in a way that anyone can understand.

These communication skills (knowledge translation as I like to refer to it) is important in our social media-driven society where information (both accurate and inaccurate) can so easily be (mis)interpreted and shared.

Steve Savage is approachable and relatable. His fact-based, well-researched and colorful presentations appeal to all audiences: dieticians, farmers, policy makers and academics.

– Camille D. Ryan, Independent Research Consultant and Public Speaker

If you are looking for someone to help people understand the science of food production, Steve is your guy. He has the education and scientific credentials to be credible, but presents information in an easy to understand format that the general public can relate to. He uses stories to relate risk assessment to common everyday items. His slides include photos and graphics that illustrate the concepts and make them easy to remember.

We brought Steve back two years in a row because our members rated his session so highly and requested more.

– Heather Hansen, Executive Director, Responsible Science for Working Lands

Steve is passionately committed to dispelling the myths and misunderstandings of modern agriculture.

His exceptional ability to translate science and make the information accessible to all is refreshing.

The pairing of his knowledge and expertise along with a thought provoking delivery left our audience feeling confident about modern agriculture practices – including the safety of bio-technology (GMO).

Steve was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire planning process of our event and he truly left our audience wanting more!

– Sarah Cahill, RD, Nutrition Programs - School Milk and Dairy Education Coordinator, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba


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